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Adapting to COVID-19: Creating A Safe Guest Experience

The Impact of COVID-19: Event Professionals Left in Limbo

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges for nearly every industry, and as event industry professionals, it’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced hardships that few could have ever anticipated experiencing in our lifetime. 

Event professionals across the country, including our own team, were abruptly left in limbo wondering, “how do we move forward?” 

After months that felt like they would never end, many events, including large-scale sporting events, are making a comeback; however, things look a little different than they used to. In times of such great uncertainty, the event industry has been forced to adapt in order to bring our communities back together in the safest ways possible.

We Eat Challenges for Breakfast

As the nationwide leader for game-changing event storage solutions serving events both big and small, facing a challenge head-on isn’t new for us. 

We built The Mobile Locker Co. from the ground up after our founder and CEO, Molly O’Connor, experienced the frustration of lacking access to both secure and convenient storage for her personal items when attending road races as an avid runner. Our goal has always been to eliminate that challenge that impacts both event-goers and event professionals.

While it hasn’t been easy to build a business from scratch, we’ve gone from providing storage solutions to small road races to serving major league sports teams, and everything in between. It’s been a challenge, but frankly, we eat challenges for breakfast.


The Mobile Locker Co. & COVID-19: How We’ve Adapted

Needless to say, adapting to COVID-19 has been our greatest challenge yet. But just like every other challenge, we faced it head on with our mission at the forefront of every move we’ve made: to provide a seamless, personal, and convenient guest experience that alleviates challenges that face both event-goers and event professionals.

From our contact with our clients to the way we interact with event guests, we’ve thoughtfully and intentionally adapted every aspect of our set-up to ensure that the safety of those who choose to work with us are kept safe. 

Here are the measures we’ve taken:

  • Adhering to both federal and local government recommendations for sanitization and social distancing
  • A touchless process that enables each guest to take advantage of our convenient storage solutions without the need to come in close contact with our team
  • Each team member is required to wear and mask and has a temperature check prior to each event; if they present any symptoms, they are not allowed to work that particular event
  • Limiting the number of guests who are able to enter the truck at one time to allow for easy social distancing
  • All lockers are fully sanitized following CDC guidelines before, during, and after events 
  • Guests are offered hand sanitizer to use before and after accessing their lockers
  • We’ve ensured our team never has a need to enter the stadium or event space at anytime, allowing event organizers to have better control over social distancing and additional safety guidelines of their event

Contact Us to Add Safe Mobile Locker Storage to Your Event

Figuring out how to adapt in-person events to the new world of COVID-19 is extremely challenging; we know that first-hand. And while we can’t solve every problem, we’re proud to offer mobile locker storage solutions that’ll take that one, significant burden off of your plate.

Making our mobile locker trucks and mobile bag check operations a part of your event plan ensures your attendees and participants are taken care of while following CDC and local safety guidelines. 

Whether your security teams need to uphold and enforce your safety policies, your runners need an efficient gear check, or your festival-goers want a place for their belongings, everyone will enjoy your event with peace of mind knowing their belongings are safe and secure. 

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