TMLC Origin Story

Hey there!

Molly here – Founder + CEO of The Mobile Locker Co (TMLC). Thanks for stopping by to hear a bit about how we started, how we’ve grown, and where we’re headed!

The mobile locker concept came about from my experience as a runner. At races, I always felt frustrated when it came to storing my stuff. When my option was convenient it wasn’t secure, and what it was secure it wasn’t convenient.  


Founder + CEO of The Mobile Locker Co

After our launch in 2014, we found out that Massachusetts and its surrounding states are great areas for races and that runners love locking it up. We also quickly realized that the need for secure, convenient storage extends far beyond running events in cozy little New England. And so, we grew!

We launched seasonal operations in Florida, and soon after began to travel all over, hitting the road for events up and down the East Coast. As we did more and more events, we made more and more connections, the time came to add more trucks. So, we doubled our fleet and set up shop in the Midwest and on the West Coast, too! 

Portable Locker Truck in Las Vegas

While we’ve definitely grown as a company, we have remained very much a small business. I like to call myself the CEO, Chief Everything Officer! Our small but mighty team services all types of events like concerts, mud runs, golf tournaments, half marathons, and football games. We offer regional coverage all across the country, so everyone can #lockitup with us!

Our alternate service, TMLC Mobile Bag Check, is a large-scale gear storage solution for major races and events where a traditional bag check is the best option. It's designed to be quick and easy to implement, to take up minimal space, and has no advance set-up requirements.  

Starting a company from scratch is not easy, and all of our partners along the way are so important in this journey. Customers who spread the word, partners who bring us in to their amazing events, vendors who enable a little company to run smoothly – we’re so thankful for all of you.

We are committed to staying true to our mission as we expand, which is to keep it simple! An easy process from start to finish for event organizers and renters alike allows everyone to maximize their event experience without added stress. Whether you’re running a marathon, going to a concert, or pulling everything together behind the scenes, TMLC is here to support you! 

If you have an event that would benefit from our mobile locker services, or just want to say hi, please send us an email at