Secure, convenient storage for your event

Here at The Mobile Locker Co., we are here to give your runners a stress-free race, your event attendees a service they love, and to give you an easy, affordable solution for short term storage... all without adding any additional work on your end!

So, how do we do that?

1) We staff and operate totally independently - not requiring any of your volunteers or staff, power, not even signage, tables, or chairs! We've got it all covered in our setup. Plus, our space-conscious locker truck is easily placed onsite and moved from one spot to another for point-to-point events. 

2) Your event participants/attendees have the option to lock it up with us! This saves them a trip back to the car, allows them to bring valuables they otherwise would have to leave at home, and gives them quick access to their stuff before and after the event. 

3) Your security team will love it! Police and security professionals give us great feedback. They love that having us onsite takes away some of their stress because bags are not left out or hidden around the event space, and police can easily check the truck with their police dogs. Plus, the security folks checking bags can follow the security restrictions strictly knowing turning away an attendee with prohibited items won't force them to miss the event. 

A quick look at our service:

  • 20' custom locker truck takes up just about two tandem parking spots
  • 420 lockers in four sizes accommodate small items to large bags
  • A perfect added amenity for large races and a great solution for spectator events with security restrictions
  • Our quick setup means we can be ready to go just 15 minutes after we arrive onsite

Want us at your next event? Email to hear about our affordable service options!